How do we Lose by Reopening our Health System

How do we Lose by Reopening our Health System?

Let’s start with Elective Surgery. We have shut down the private health system to be ready for something that hasn’t occurred. We may need it, we may not. If so, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to convert them back to overflow facilities. Hundreds of hospitals and Day Surgeries lay dormant in the meantime, thousands of healthcare worker’s have nothing to do in the worst pandemic in generations! Is the downside of recommencing this worse than keeping it closed?

Where are all those sick people that used to fill our world-class hospitals which now barely function?

It’s called “elective surgery” but tell that to the people who hobble around each day on hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, backs, that doesn’t function properly. They can’t have surgery because we are “saving” their lives. Protecting them from a virus which (because of the positive measures our leaders adopted early) they are unlikely to catch. That’s great, but without the surgery, how’s their quality of life going?

Can’t we continue to mitigate the virus spread and keep our health system intact? It would save the Government $m. At worst, maybe there is a “midway” measure to adopt or maybe I simply don’t get it.

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