“Town Centres” provides precinct wide services, both directly and in conjunction with its network of specialised service providers”

  • Town Centre Vision Reports
  • Existing Gap Analysis
  • Development of precinct-based approaches 
  • Identify strategic visions for Town Centre optimisation
  • Preparation of strategy to deliver vision
  • Identifying key relationships and interdependencies of sectors and sub sectors
  • Recognising potential conflicts and synergies between existing sectors
  • Analysis of existing facilities and how these may be adapted for future requirements
  • Identify and survey existing stakeholders to establish demand & suitability
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape
  • Identifying commercial opportunities
  • Market sounding process to determine interest from key occupiers
  • Identification of suitable anchor & complementary occupiers
  • Advise on typical lease provisions for specific sectors
  • Establishing, co-ordinating, and monitoring project marketing activities
  • Tendering, appointment and coordination of additional expert consultants
  • Advise on sector rentals, yield, and demand.
  • Provision of insight into the preferences of healthcare industry participants
  • Identification of property acquisition targets and sites suited to redevelopment
  • Determining uses that will provide symbiotic relationships and interdependencies

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