“Innovation Precincts’ objective is to build Future Sustainable Cities by enhancing key existing assets and introducing new industries”

Innovation Precincts

  • Is a consultancy service established by Healthcare Property Group, a property consultancy firm which commenced in 1997
  • Recognises the developing nature of living environments, which has already witnessed significant change resulting from numerous factors, not the least being the disruptive influences led by the present advancements in technology
  • Recognises the paradigm changes occurring within our largest industry sectors, including healthcare, research, education, retail, generalised industry, and housing, and the subsequent affect this is having on us and our physical environment
  • Experience in this sector is long established.  We have an intimate understanding of the wide ranging nature of precincts, an ability to understand, conceptualise and successfully relate to their needs, and a vast network of key constituents that drive them from which we may call upon

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