“Innovation Precincts provides precinct wide services, both directly and in conjunction with its network of specialised service providers”

Services include

  • Existing Precinct Reports
  • Precinct Vision Reports
  • Case Study Reports
  • Governance Committee Membership
  • Working Group Meeting Attendance and Membership
  • Workshop Participation
  • Key Stakeholder Procurement and Participation


  • Engaging key strategic precinct stakeholders
  • Identifying key relationships and interdependencies of sectors and sub sectors
  • Recognising potential conflicts and synergies between existing sectors
  • Analysis of existing facilities and how these may be adapted for future requirements
  • Providing guidance as to key precinct activators and drivers
  • Assessment of existing structures and the benefits of refurbishing, rebuilding, or relocation.
  • Identify and survey existing stakeholders to establish demand & suitability
  • Identify key barriers for growth such as infrastructural and economies
  • Develop growth strategies for existing facilities
  • Develop exit strategies for existing facilities
  • Demand analysis by possible floor space needs
  • Gap analysis
  • Assessment of sector rentals, yield, and demand
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape
  • Provision of insight into the preferences of healthcare industry participants
  • site assessment reports
  • Provide location analyses focussing on infrastructure & planning
  • Analysing and restructuring existing key operator commitment
  • Analysing the effectiveness of existing land uses and zonings within the precinct

Assistance with

  • Defining the precinct’s economic strengths and opportunities
  • Economic analysis of location & regions
  • Identifying current drivers & opportunities for growth
  • Identifying opportunities to add value & improve demand
  • The assessment of suitable joint venture/capital partners
  • Identifying economic factors seen as driving freehold ownership preferences
  • Reviewing relevant government policy
  • Identifying fundamentals supporting various sectors, eg demographics, government policies, subsidies, and funding opportunities


  • Development of precinct-based approaches towards innovation
  • Identify strategic visions for precinct wide optimisation
  • Preparation of strategy to deliver a functioning sustainable city
  • Identification of property acquisition targets and sites suited to redevelopment
  • Determining uses that will provide symbiotic relationships and interdependencies
  • Identify commercial opportunities
  • Identify options for governments to attract commercial interests
  • Market sounding process to determine interest from key identified occupiers
  • Determining success factors for operators within the represented sectors
  • Identification of suitable anchor & complementary occupiers
  • Advise on typical lease provisions for specific sectors
  • Establishing, co-ordinating, and monitoring project marketing activities
  • Tendering, appointment and coordination of additional expert consultants
  • Advise on sector rentals, yield, and demand

Assistance with

  • Determining the suitability of a region for transformation to an innovation precinct
  • The master planning and setting use parameters for future precincts
  • Analyses as to potential and appropriate forms of governance
  • Incentivising potential end users (create demand to be on site)
  • Identifying possible forms of ownership/partnership models with government (such as joint venture, land lease, sharing of infrastructural costs)
  • Development of a business case and funding models
  • Identifying suitable process to undertake development
  • Modelling to build economic capacity and resilience
  • Developing guidelines to increased profitability
  • Quantifying vision in terms of employment and future economic growth
  • Focusing on driving economic development, enterprise, and employment growth
  • Permit applications

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