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Healthcare Property Group – Australia’s leading healthcare property experts

At Healthcare Property Group (HPG) the Australian healthcare property sector is our entire focus.

We have a deep understanding of all the components – people, technology & infrastructure – that go into building successful healthcare facilities.

25 years’ healthcare industry experience

We understand healthcare today and what it needs to look like tomorrow, and our clients can be confident that their medical facilities and infrastructure are positioned to deliver the best possible outcomes to healthcare practitioners and industry participants today and into the future.

From conception to completion

Our full-service real-estate offering is delivered by an experienced team and includes:

  • Property Management
  • Strategic Healthcare Property Advisory (Consulting)
  • Real-estate transactions
Service excellence

We deliver customer superior service in all we do, every step of the way, to everyone. We know that communication is everything. We always listen, and we always respond.

We pride ourselves on being real.

Most importantly, at HPG we pride ourselves on being real. Being realistic with clients. Building enduring stakeholder relationships based on trust, effort, reliability, and respect. And being transparent and honest with ourselves, and each other in everything we do to create positive experiences, and positive outcomes.

We are passionate about playing our part in creating the future of the Australian healthcare industry.

We are invested in shaping healthcare infrastructure and facilities to positively affect the healthcare industry to deliver better outcomes for all Australians. Join our mission.

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