A virtual conference dedicated to the healthcare real estate sector in Australia.

Healthcare Property Group is pleased to be a key sponsor of this important Healthcare Property vSummit.

The Urban Developer has raised a topic that should not only be of interest to those directly within the industry but to the thousands of organisations, businesses and charities, that provide services of a community welfare nature.

Health does not simply apply to primary or tertiary care visitation; it very much encompasses a wide range of preventative measures, as well as generating the most conducive rehabilitation environments.  Healthy maintenance of the body and mind form are at the core of well-functioning healthcare system.

The organisers have managed to address topics that are fundamental to Australia’s healthcare system from the perspective of those who provide the facilities, to those who manage the care.  They have attracted some of Australia’s best minds and active healthcare participants to share their thoughts and experiences.

We look forward to an informative, eye-opening, thought-provoking event.

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