Successful Property/Asset Management is far more than its’ typical constituent roles such as rent collection, lease management, building maintenance and so on.

To maximise the income generating potential of individual medical facilities one must have a clear understanding of the dynamics of that particular facility and be cognisant of factors that will influence the success or otherwise of each of its occupants. 

Effective property and asset management of medical centres will directly influence the long term occupancy rates of the facility.  Whilst situations arise where tenancies become vacant and subsequent leasing activities are required to procure a new tenant, vacancies can often be minimised by firstly recognising, and then taking advantage of, potential opportunities that surface from time to time.

To recognise these opportunities, it is necessary to understand the nuances of the medical industry as a whole and the specific nature of the property under management. 

Success can be measured in a myriad of ways such as;

  • Tenant retention,
  • Reducing expenses,
  • Improving income,
  • Improving lease profile,
  • Maintaining the existing building and foreseeing the need for preventative maintenance that prevent unwelcome malfunctions and early obsolescence.

Ultimately, we define successful property management as;

“Meeting and exceeding the needs and requirements of all parties involved be they landlords, tenants, contractors or visitors to the facilities.”

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