Effective Property/Asset Management requires the application of skill and expertise in a wide range of disciplines and it all starts and ends with one basic discipline; Communication.

Health sector properties require a strong collaborative approach between the landlord and occupier and this extends to all areas of the management.

The critical factor in ensuring effective landlord/tenant relations is to continually communicate, and even more so when there is a matter requiring resolution. 

Not all matters end in a way deemed satisfactory by all parties, however communication goes a long way to mitigating perceived losses.

Effective communication means everybody involved is continually made aware of the status of factors that affect them and their operations.   Satisfactory communication can mitigate problems before they would otherwise occur, and when issues are unavoidable a history of strong communication allows these matters to be dealt with in a timely and reasonable manner. 

Regular contact is a must during all stages of the tenancy life cycle and the majority of the communication is not just a two-way flow of information – there may be three, four or more parties involved. 

Healthcare Property Group strives to understand the needs of all parties involved.

Communication is the key tool to that understanding.

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