Whilst demand is an obvious driver for health services, the fundamental difference between healthcare developments and other “mainstream” property sectors is, that usually, the prime key to success is not only driven by the ability to attract the interest of those providing the healthcare services but also lies in having an experienced consultant who understands how different specialties and healthcare users interrelate to complement each other’s services.

Key services offered to the public via the healthcare sector greatly benefit from being within close proximity to each other.  

Unique to the health professions is the multiplicity of ways in which these properties are utilised and occupied. 

Understanding the idiosyncratic nature of each of the many types of facilities that exist, is critical in understanding the key relationships that make healthcare assets function successfully. 

In addition to the health provider, many medical facilities incorporate retail and service/retail components which are capable of successfully trading in their own right, and which, at the same time, provide those complementary services for the benefit of the overall facility.  Typically, these components may include cafes, pharmacies, newsagencies, florists, gift shops, health insurance branches, optometrists, post offices, ATM’s, various kiosks and the like.

Healthcare Property Group has a unique skill set that is well suited to managing these tenancies.  In addition to focusing on properties occupied by the healthcare professions, members of the firm have successfully undertaken large retail projects and are familiar with this environment. 

Our knowledge of these relationships, their key drivers, and how they work in a complimentary manner, has been developed over years of experience and forms part of the unique consultancy service offered by Healthcare Property Group. 

Ultimately it provides our clients with valuable information from which major development and investment decisions may be made.

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