Borne out of significant experience, understanding the challenges and opportunities associated with the healthcare property sector, our Advisory Services are as unique as our client’s needs.

Healthcare Property Group has been requested to :

  • Analyse broad acre sites to identify the potential for healthcare development
  • Assist in the Master Planning of future healthcare precincts
  • Explore opportunities to redevelop existing ageing facilities
  • Maximise the value of healthcare property with a view to future divestment
  • Purchase individual properties and entire healthcare portfolios
  • Convert existing non-medical facilities into large medical centres, and so on



Successful healthcare property transactions rarely happen by chance.

 Foresight and vision lead to astute property decisions.



Our strategies, implemented on a case-by case basis, are developed to ensure delivery of tangible and practical results.

Our role as Advisors varies based on our client’s requirements and may involve activities such as :

  • Detailed Inspections of the Properties and Preparation of Subsequent Reports
  • Review of Specialised Planning and Site Specific Reports
  • Control of the Valuation Process
  • Overview of Legal Process
  • Appointment of Additional Service Providers

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