Project Coordination and Management

Our firm attributes its’ success to its ability to provide advice and direction throughout an entire project cycle.

Although client’s requirements vary considerably, Healthcare Property Group is adept at providing assistance and expertise from beginning to end including: 

  • Establishing a clear understanding of the client’s objectives.
  • Determining an appropriate strategy designed to meet these objectives.
  • Determining the requirement for and assist in the appointment of additional consultants such as demographers, architects, town planners, builders, quantity surveyors etc.
  • Co-ordinate and work with appointed consultants throughout any planning and/or construction/development phase.
  • Liaising with various facilitators critical to the Project such as relevant planning authorities, financiers, construction companies and the like.
  • Establishing, co-ordinating, and monitoring marketing activities where required.
  • Undertaking sales and/or leasing activities where required.
  • The provision of ongoing property/asset management functions where required.


When appointed to act as a Project Co-ordinator, Healthcare Property Group considers itself as an active partner in the Project.